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As musicians, we spend many years under the tutelage of older, more experienced musicians.  From the moment we pick up the instrument, especially a physically awkward instrument like the violin, we are constantly under the guidance of our private teachers and mentors until well into our late 20’s.  It would be difficult to find many other fields of study where the student/teacher relationship lasts for such a long time, and where the relationship is so crucial in the development of the students.  Because of this, I believe the role of a teacher in the music field comes with many responsibilities.  

The most obvious responsibility of the music teacher is of the students’ development as artists who can freely express themselves through the medium of the instrument. I believe that even from a young age, many of the students are able to make decisions about the musical ideas, and that they should always be encouraged to listen and think carefully about their playing so that they can develop into independent artists.

In lessons, I focus on:

  • Set up and Technique

  • Music Theory and Ear Training

  • Creativity and Musicality

  • Performance 


I believe that students all have the potential to love music and to become the best musicians that they can be, and I feel privileged to be there to guide and nurture them through their journey. I believe that a gentle and kind, yet firm, approach is better than the terrorizing approach, and I always hope to be knowledgeable enough to guide them in the right direction, and patient enough for them to feel that they can experiment and find their own answers.

"...Dr. Joo was an excellent, inspiring & incredibly patient teacher: Her instructions were clear, precise & catered to each student's specific needs... my daughter improved both musically & technically during her study with Dr. Joo. She revived my daughter's love of the instrument & music, also enhanced her knowledge of music theory."  -Kristy Y.

"Janny is a great violin teacher... Janny not only teaches the kids how to play the instrument, but also shows them how to learn and how to work on the most difficult part of the music...  After studying with Janny, I felt like that the kids have realized that there is always a way to do it right and they just need to be patient to figure it out. We all love Janny very much."  -  Bin W.

"As a mom of two children (6 and 9), I have met many teachers for violin and piano. Among those, I can tell Dr. Joo is the best." - Sohee J.

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